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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

General Statement

All contracts will be performed subject to the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB 2015). Cargo insurance is not covered by us but available on request. Further, any counterclaim or set-off against sums due to Modus Operations AB is not permitted. Please click here to download NSAB2015 English version:

OBC Terms and Conditions for Modus Operations AB

1) Price is excluding any import and export customs clearance, duty and tax (if any)
2) Offer is subject to seat availability on class by the time of booking
3) Itinerary and rates are subject to change upon confirmation
4) Offer is excluding excess baggage, any excess baggage charges to be added and invoiced on Top of Selling price plus Modus Operations AB fee of 5%
5) Modus Operations AB does not accept liability for damaged, delayed or missing material due to Client or Airline requirements to check in luggage at airport counter due to weight, dimensions, or kind of material
6) Acceptance of any bag with a weight of more than 32kg (70lb) is subject to prior approval. Overweight and oversize items can be rejected for carriage by the airline at any time.
7) Any bag exceeding the total dimensions of 158cm (62in) (width + height + length) will be considered excess baggage, and will be due to excess baggage fee
8) Please note that the airline can refuse the transportation of the whole shipment if it exceeds the normal weight restrictions of regular passenger luggage
9) Cancellation charges of 75% will accrue once the order will be cancelled after already confirmed
10) Further services not included in the present On Board Courier / Hand Carry offer will have to be agreed in advance.