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Our Services

High-quality, cost-effective time critical shipments 365 days a year.

Our services

When time is your priority, Modus Operations is the best solution.
We are a customer-oriented company, with a network of 350+ professional couriers with Frequent Flyer status strategically placed worldwide. We have extensive experience in time-critical shipment of the following goods:


From the fashion to the automotive industry, we offer hand-carry time-sensitive solutions, our excellent network of 350 professional couriers is strategically placed worldwide.
Our OBC always travel with your goods in order to guarantee maximum priority during the whole trip.
In the meantime, our team operates and monitors the Time-Critical delivery process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to update you at every step of the shipment, with timely responses and real-time information, via our dedicated tracking system or via email-telephone when required.
We know hand-carry needs occur when less expected, that’s why you can send your RFQ via email or call our experts directly.


If the size of the shipment is too big or too heavy, we can pick it up any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.
We have a long-standing partnership with all major airlines worldwide, that gives us access to the most optimal routes, in order to ensures that your shipment is loaded on the next available flight.
We first find the airports nearest both the origin and destination, then, we match the optimal flight departing and arriving at these airports. Once arranged and confirmed, we immediately dispatch the driver nearest the shipment origin.
Our operations team is always in contact with all drivers and service partners, giving you real-time status information by email or telephone, till your shipment arrive at its final destination with the utmost care.

Dedicated Vehicles

Modus Operations AB has a solid network of drivers ready to depart to collect your time critical shipment in the shortest transit time, in order to load it and then reach its destination safely on time.
This service offers the customer added security, in particular with high value and sensitive shipments, playing a significant role in maintaining your business running.
We operate with fully trained drivers in order to provide the most efficient service and customer experience.


Air chartering is by far the quickest means of transporting vital equipment. Charters flights provide maximum flexibility and they can be used in order to support the entire cargo operation for time critical shipments outside of normal working hours and scheduling to deliver the materials.
We are in contact with major careers worldwide and our team is available 24/7 to assist you with any RFQ, providing a unique contact that will follow your project.

Our Fields


Aerospace Spare Parts

AOG – Airplane On Ground, one of the most critical situations in the aviation industry. We enable companies to avoid any delays.

Fashion Items

We will personally carry items for your fashion show, making sure they are correctly handled.


From tech to food companies, we are ready to manage any kind of sensitive material.

Diplomatic Documents

In case of sensitive information we offer our most discreet delivery option.

Financial Information

We will make sure you have the right information in your hands before the market opens.

Automotive Spare Parts

The Automotive industry can't stall for a second, that's why we ensure your spare parts will reach your production line on time.

Oil & Gas Materials

We will be the direct link from the supplier to your plant in the middle of the desert.

Fine Art

Your piece is in expert hands and masterfully packaged.

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