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We are the time critical expert
for transportations, specialised in delivering
high-priority shipments worldwide.

We are specialised in delivering high-priority shipments worldwide.

We’re always in the process of developing our proven experience in order to offer safe and efficient deliveries. As a trusted name within the time critical industry, we provide the highest standards and cost-effective services.

Roberto Quartieri

Managing Partner

Luca Fossati

Managing Partner

Air Cargo Italy 2020

Modus Operations, when the service exceed the expectations.

Charter China-Eu, Antonov 124 + Boeing 777 – Covid 2020

It has been extremely challenging but we have been able to manage it from the beginning to the last mask delivered, organising an Antonov 124 and a Boeing 777F full of medical aids from China to Italy.

Guldstänk Award 2019

“A big thank you to all our OBCs and partners for making this possible:
We are grateful to have been selected among the three best start ups in Västerås and to have received the Medal of Honor for good act. Keep an eye out for us: we are only getting started!”